It Started With Maisel

Our story begins with the birth of our baby girl ─ and surprise, her name is Maisel! After she was born, we found ourselves regularly taking pictures & FaceTiming folks with our new little one.

And when we went back to work, we would sometimes write emails while with Baby Maisel. Which meant she was often staring at the back of our iPhones. (What can we say ─ we’re honest, realistic 21st-century parents!)

When we realized we could embrace that attention and focus her gaze on stimulating images rather than a logo, Company Maisel was born.

When I became a mom, I found it meaningful to preserve my identity ─ to celebrate the many facets of who I am now. The good, the bad... the tired. And that's why I started Maisel with authentic parenting in mind ─ in support of candid, unapologetic parenting.


A Better World For Maisel

Our mission is for Baby Maisel to grow up in a world we’re proud to have helped build. To achieve this, we donate a percentage of Company Maisel’s annual income to School On Wheels, a non-profit dedicated to tutoring and mentoring children experiencing homelessness.

Kim volunteered as a tutor with School On Wheels prior to becoming a mom ─ and we intend to continue supporting them now as parents. We want to help make sure every child has the opportunity to learn.




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