Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see my phone brand and/or model?

Are Maisel cases protective?

Yes! Our phone cases are durable and functional without losing effectiveness as a cognitive-development tool. The shock-absorbent case is durable and slightly malleable, so it fits snugly onto your phone and offers protection from most falls ━ try not to drop it from the roof! These cases also provide a small lip that prevents the screen from making physical contact when your phone is face down.

The buttons are difficult to press when my case is on?

We've got a simple solve for that! Our cases are designed to be a snug & tight fight to your phone to offer maximum protection. But the buttons can sometimes be a bit tight when you first apply your case. With the case on your phone, try stretching the case and prying it slightly away from the phone on both sides. Doing this a few times will help relieve the pressure the case is putting on your buttons and will get it working properly.

If you have tried the above recommendation and are still experiencing an issue, please email us at

What ages are these phone cases for?

From birth to around six months. A baby’s visual system matures rapidly during their first six months of life, and it's important to provide visual stimuli during this critical window of visual development.

How quickly will I receive my case?

We are shipping out orders as quickly as we can. You will receive an e-mail notification when your order is placed in the mail.

Note that due to COVID-19, mail services may be subject to temporary delays. Thanks for your patience as we work hard to get your order to you ASAP.

How can I tell what iPhone model I have?

On your iPhone, open the Settings app. At the top, you'll see your Apple ID profile photo and your name. Tap on it. Scroll down until you see your device. The first device will be your iPhone; you will see the name of your device. Select that. Under Device Info, you'll see the Model.

Are the cases guaranteed?

Of course! We're 100% committed to making you happy. Each case is hand checked by a member of the Maisel team before it goes out the door to ensure you get the best. While we make every effort to ensure your case arrives in perfect condition, sometimes things happen. If you discover a fault with the item(s) you have received, please take pictures of the defect and contact us at right away. We will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction.

When ordering a Love You Two (2-pack) or Three Cheers (3-pack), how do I select my phone models & case designs?

Just let us know your preferences in the Gift Message section of your Checkout Cart. Feel free to leave us a joke as well. We love jokes.

Why are the cases named Mocha, Birdie, and Zele?

About the Mocha. While we've been saying "cheese" during pictures for decades, it's actually not great for a natural-looking smile. Words that end in an "uh" sound—like mocha or pizza (keeping with the food theme)—give you a more realistic grin. We have no doubt Baby Maisel will greatly enjoy saying (and eating) both!

About the Birdie. Many Victorian photographers would tell children to “watch the birdie” because they had a golden mechanical bird attached to their camera and when they took the picture, the bird’s tail would wag and it would sing.

About the Zele. In Bulgaria they say "zele", meaning "cabbage,” instead of "cheese" when taking a picture. (FYI, Baby Maisel says she likes cheese a lot more than cabbage.)

How come I don’t see my phone brand and/or model?

We’re in the process of adding cases for more phone brands and models, as well as case designs! Follow us at @hellomaisel on Instagram to stay in touch and be the first to find out about new products.

How do I return my order?

Should you wish to return your item(s), please kindly email us within 10 days from receiving your order. Don’t forget to let us know your order number. We’ll send you a pre-paid label to send the product(s) back to us, no questions asked.

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